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The Little Athletes® brand is on a mission to outfit and equip
40+ million athletes* ages 0 to 12.


{*aspiring, in-action or off-season }

Little Athletes® brand is expanding its apparel collection

and promoting products & gear in new categories.

An Emerging Super-Star Offers Licensing



LPG is a Next-Gen brand management and creative marketing company, experts at birthing consumer ecosystem and community-connected brand experiences that enhance the lives of children and has the ability to generate multi-billion dollar revenue streams across multiple product categories for our strategic partners.  Vision, consumer insight and blue ocean strategies are the superpowers we nurture to unlock, capture and create access to consumer audiences and market demographics previously un-imagined and out-of-reach from the influence of corporate brands, entertainment properties and out-of-market collegiate/professional sports teams and organizations.


The LPG agency has joined forces with the Little Athletes Worldwide® (LAWW™) organization on a mission to trail-blaze a kids' signature athlete-centric goods product line under the Little Athletes® brand banner. As a market pioneer the Little Athletes® brand signature has no equal when the goal is to connect merchandise with our targeted mass-market kid's audience of *athletes. {*aspiring, in-action or off season™}


The Little Athletes® brand, through licensing, is partnering with manufacturers to showcase their highest quality merchandise to be represented as part of the Little Athletes® brand portfolio of infant, toddler and children's soft goods and hard goods to include apparel collections, footwear, nutrition, activity products and fitness and sporting goods.


LPG works expediently, and decisively, and is extremely creative to get the correct deals done.

Little Athletes Worldwide® (LAWW™) organization.  


Little Athletes® brand



LPG co-ventures deals with agents and other agencies or works directly with manufacturers and retailers.

Drop us a note to explore possibilities.

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